Schneider Symmar-S 360mm f6.8 Sinar Large Format Lens. Graded: NEW [#10438]




Schneider-Kreuznach multicoated large format lens with Copal No.3 shutter.

Calibration certificate is supplied. Shutter is working and consistent, the faster speeds are are slightly slower than they should be and can be easily adjusted for. For example, the 1/125s consistently is 18ms +/- 5%, and the 1/60s is 26ms +/- 5%. Slower speeds that use the escapement are accurate.

Note: ms = millisecond, or 1/100- second.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Front lens cap and Sinar lens board.
Cosmetic: Light wear. One or two minor marks.
Optical: Very good, optics and the coating are free from marks. Some ‘Schneideritis’ in the front and rear elements. Will not affect the image.
Mechanical: Tested and working.
Dust/Haze: Very small amount of dust.
Graded: New
(New. With factory warranty. )

Additional information

Weight 1690 g