Schneider Symmar f5.6 300mm lens for 4×5 & 8×10. Condition – 7G [2208]

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    An excellent lens. Has a 402mm image circle at f16, which is enough coverage for 8×10.

    Full lens specs are here:,6-300mm.html
    Comes with front and back lens caps, plus a recessed lens board. Lens board measures 170mm by 170mm.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Moderate wear.
    Optical: Some crazing to the front cement in the element.
    Mechanical: Shutter is missing the screw for a cable release. It can be released manually, though. It would be possible to either get one fitted to the lens, or replace the shutter. All the shutter speeds work and are accurate.
    Cosmetic Condition: 7

    (Restorable. Minor parts missing and refinishing necessary. )

    Functional Condition: G
    (Functioning. Shutter speeds not accurate and/or meter not accurate. Lens has marks that will affect image. Cleaning, lubricating and adjusting is desirable. )