Nikon f2.8 180mm Lens. AI Conversion. Stiff focusing. Graded: BGN [#10322]


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Nikon Nikkor-P AI lens.

This is an earlier lens that has had a factory AI conversion fitted. Please check that this lens is compatible with your camera before you buy. Will not work with some less expensive DSLR cameras.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Rear lens cap.
Cosmetic: Moderate wear.
Optical: The optics are good. There are slight cleaning marks or scratches. These will not affect its optical performance.
Mechanical: Focusing ring is stiff but working. Aperture blades are fast and free from oil. No dents or dings.
Dust/Haze: A moderate amount of internal dust and haze which is visible in certain light. Image is unlikely to be affected.
Graded: Bargain
(Rough with cosmetic damage. Glass heavily marked or fungus. )

Additional information

Weight 888 g