Linhof Aero Press w/ 80mm Planar 180mm Sonar Outfit. Graded: LN- [#9986]

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A stunning and complete Aero kit.

This camera is unusual as it does not have a rangefinder. Works with all Linhof Press lenses.

The film and shutter are advanced by rotating one of the hand grips. An ingenious mechanism!

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Comes complete with two Zeiss lenses (f2.8 Planar & f4.8 180mm Sonar), protective frames for both lenses, two 70mm roll film backs & film holders, camera body, grips, some paperwork and original aluminium flight case.
Cosmetic: Almost no wear. Very well looked after in a collection and hardly used.
Optical: Optics are perfect. Totally unmarked.
Mechanical: Fully working.
Graded: Like New Minus
(Close inspection reveals slight signs of wear. )

Additional information

Weight 17496 g
Dimensions 22 × 31 × 40 cm