Horseman LS monorail large format 4×5 camera. Condition – 4E [3673]


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The LS 4×5 camera features an expandable monorail, rack/pinion rise and fall, lateral shift and rack/pinion tripod block. This camera is the basic model, which provides yaw-free base tilt. This feature in the mechanism ensures that there is no yaw in the horizontal direction when you swing the camera, after first aligning the subject horizontally with the horizontal grid lines on the focusing screen. The camera also features geared rise,
fall and shift, a geared tripod mount, and a depth-offield scale knob which calculates and displays the necessary f-stop and correct focal point for the depth-of-field.

A fully modular multi-format camera system, with accessories which are easily interchangeable.

Takes 140mm x 140mm lens boards. Very heavy – weighs 6.3kg.
Bellows, tripod mount and viewing screen.
Condition details:
Cosmetic: Light surface wear to the exterior.
Optical: Screen is clear and free of marks, debris and other imperfections.
Mechanical: In good condition and fully working.
Cosmetic Condition: 4
(Signs of light use, but not misuse. No other cosmetic damage.)
Functional Condition: E
(Everything functioning. Major functions have recently been professionally tested.)