Hasselblad CFE 180mm Sonnar lens. Made in 2001. (20074). Condition – 7F [4666]

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    Made in 2001.

    This is one of the relatively few new designs to be offered by Hasselblad since 1982, when they introduced the CF range of lenses. It fills the gap between the 150mm and 250mm, and offer a better focal length for portraits. It is a superbly sharp lens, one of the best Zeiss lenses made for the Hasselblad V-system.

    This CFE lens has the databus connection for use with the 200 series of cameras, to allow the aperture to be communicated to the camera body when using their internal meter.
    Original box.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: In excellent condition with very light signs of use. The front filter bayonet has received damage as is deformed, and cannot accept a filter. If you look carefully, you can see that the ring is mishaped in one part, which stops a ring from sitting inside it. This is likely from an impact. The optics and image appear unaffected. Priced accordingly.
    Optical: The optics are very good. There are very minor cleaning marks or scratches.
    Mechanical: Shutter speeds are all working and accurate. Aperture blades are fast and free from oil.
    Dust/Haze: Almost perfect. A tiny amount of internal dust/haze, which is visible when shine a bright light through the lens. Image will not be affected.
    Cosmetic Condition: 7

    (Restorable. Minor parts missing and refinishing necessary. )

    Functional Condition: F
    (Everything functioning. Major functions function, though have not been adjusted for accuracy. Image maybe impaired. )