Hasselblad 500EL 80mm Planar Boxed Outfit. Complete (AKMOC). Graded: LN- [#9912]


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An absolutely mint condition Hasselblad EL. With its original factory supplied film back and lens.

This is the most complete outfit I have ever seen. It even has the original plastic disc to remove the battery cover! We have never seen one of these before!

The viewing screen is super bright, just like an Acute Matte. It is much brighter than a normal screen of this period. Has been very well fitted and is calibrated correctly. It might be a Beattie Intenscreen upgrade.

This lens is of the earlier type that and does not have the T* coating.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Original box, perspex cover, electrical socket cap, instructions, 500EL body, waist level finder, screen, A12 film back, Planar lens.
Cosmetic: In fantastic condition! The rear face of the camera and film back are unmarked, and this is the part that will typically show wear first. One of the base feet is missing.
Optical: The optics are excellent – free from all scratches, debris and fungus.
Mechanical: Fully working.
Electrical: Battery holds some charge, though unsure how much and for how long. Will be supplied uncharged.
Light seals: The light seal is light tight.
Graded: Like New Minus
(Close inspection reveals slight signs of wear. )

Additional information

Weight 2400 g