Hasselblad 1971 A12 film back magazine (30074). Condition – 6F [4816]


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    The A-12 magazine was designed to improve the relatively slow film loading procedure of the earlier version (C12) of the magazine. There were also complaints that the very fast film could be fogged through the viewing port on the previous version. The new design introduced in 1968 addressed both of these problems. A winding crank and the absence of a viewing port are the obvious items that identifies the A12. An additional change is a hinged film reminder that holds the end flap of 120 film boxes.

    The A12 was all chrome until 1973 after which both black and chrome versions were available, numbered 30074 and 30147 respectively.
    This back has a matching insert. Backs and inserts were finely adjusted as a pair at the factory, to ensure a perfect image. The inserts were marked with the serial number so that they could be identified.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Dent to the rear. Vinyl has slightly shrunk.
    Optical: Light seal is light tight.
    Mechanical: Fully working. The film advance tab/knob has been broken, but is still usable.
    Light seals: The light seal is light tight.
    Cosmetic Condition: 6
    (Well used. Showing signs of heavy use.)
    Functional Condition: F
    (Everything functioning. Major functions function, though have not been adjusted for accuracy. Image maybe impaired. )