Graflex Grafmatic Film Holder for 4×5 – Broken. Condition – 6J [5625]

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    Model 1268. It will fit most 4×5 cameras. It is not the 1168 model, which will only fit certain Graflex cameras.

    It is possible to distinguish the backs as either they will have the model number printed on them, or the 1168 is marked ’45 Graflex’, whereas the 1268 is marked ’45 Graphic’. The major difference between the two mounting plate, the 1168 has a wider base to the mounting plate than the back itself.

    This film holder is remarkable. It takes six full size 4×5 sheet films. These can then be changed in full daylight without even removing the back from the camera.

    Instructions are available here:

    We have a number of these in similar condition.

    Six septums.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Heavy wear. Names and other markings.
    Mechanical: Does not work. Will not reliably advance the film. Might be terminal, or a quick fix.
    Cosmetic Condition: 6
    (Well used. Showing signs of heavy use.)
    Functional Condition: J
    (Not usable without repair or cleaning. Shutter, meter, film advance may be stuck, jammed or broken.)