Graflex 2×3 23 Speed Graphic w/ f4.5 105 mm Kodak Lens. Graded: EXC- [#10520]




Speed Graphic 2×3 camera with Kalart synchronized range finder. Includes Kodak Anaston 105 mm f4.5 lens with Pronto shutter.

Has an INTERNATIONAL back so will work with modern 2×3 roll film holders.

Condition details:
Cosmetic: Heavy wear to the exterior and loss of the black coating consistent with handling. No dents or major damage. A small amount of rust on the metal.
Optical: The optics are good. There are slight cleaning marks or scratches. These will not affect its optical performance.
Mechanical: Range finder appears to be working but not calibrated. Focal plane shutter appears to be working but not guaranteed or calibrated. Lens shutter working.
Dust/Haze: A moderate amount of internal dust and haze which is visible in certain light. Image is unlikely to be affected.
Graded: Excellent Minus
(Well used. Showing signs of heavy use. )

Additional information

Weight 1800 g