Contax G G1 G2 Hologon f8 16mm Lens. Graded: LN- [#4639]


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    A stunning lens. Very little distortion and it has a huge depth of field. Viewfinder has a built in spirit level, which is visible when looking through the finder. Full lens spec is available here:
    Condition details:
    Included (might not be in photographs): Case, graduated filter, viewfinder, rear cap.
    Cosmetic: Almost no wear.
    Optical: Excellent. There is a single tiny scratch to the front element, half way out from the centre. It is 0.5mm long wide. You must look closely and with a lupe to see it.
    Mechanical: Fully working.
    Dust/Haze: Almost perfect. A tiny amount of internal dust/haze, which is visible when shine a bright light through the lens. Image will not be affected.
    Graded: Like New Minus
    (Close inspection reveals slight signs of wear. )

    Additional information

    Weight 380 g