Carl Zeiss Planar f2.8 80mm Lens w/ Large Format Shutter. Graded: LN- [#5443]




A stunning lens. Very rare to see the 80mm Planar mounted in a shutter. This is the exact same optical lens that is normally supplied in a Hasselblad or Rollei lens where it will provide 6x6cm coverage. We do not have a spec sheet for this lens,

It is an early model, made around 1966, and has a yellow non-T* coating.

In pristine condition. Almost no marks.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Front cap.
Cosmetic: Virtually unworn. A few light marks on the paint to the rear when it has been mounted on a camera.
Optical: Immaculate. Not a mark on the optics.
Graded: Like New Minus
(Close inspection reveals slight signs of wear. )

Additional information

Weight 378 g