WeinCell 1.35v mercury-free camera battery PX625 PX13 (MRB625). Graded: NEW [#MRB625]




Note: Cells will be supplied in plastic resealable bags. We have elected to hold the price the same by not using the hard plastic case. It is better for the environment too.

Exact-voltage replacements for the now unavailable mercury cells used in hundreds of cameras and meters. Environmentally “green,” 1.35V, zinc-air WeinCells are available to replace RM400R and V400PX batteries. Suitable for cameras including the Pentax Spotmatic, Spotmatic II, Spotmatic IIA, SP500 and SP1000.

WeinCell™ Mercury-free Replacement Batteries – new life for your old camera!

WeinCell is a revolutionary new zinc/air battery designed to replace environmentally-unfriendly (banned) mercury batteries.

Phototronics in Popular Photography Magazine 1995

Because of their extremely stable output curve, mercury cells were used in many cameras and exposure meters to ensure the most accurate exposure reading possible. But the disposal of mercury batteries has become an environmental problem, and an increasing number of states and other governments are responding by prohibiting the cells altogether.

Alkaline replacements don’t do the trick

Several battery manufacturers now offer alkaline batteries as replacements for their discontinued mercury cells. In most cases, the replacement does not have the same voltage as the mercury battery it is replacing (usually 1.5V instead of 1.35). And, the unstable output inherent with alkaline batteries can result in exposure errors up to 2 stops! Only WeinCells deliver exact voltage and stable output consistent with mercury batteries.

There is a WeinCell to replace each of the following mercury batteries: PX625/PX13, PX675 and RM400. Each has performance identical to the battery it replaces- exactly what you need to get those classic cameras shooting again.


  • Compatible with any camera or meter specifying the respective mercury battery (see battery guide).
  • Three models available; compatible with hundreds of cameras and meters. Voltage output more stable than alkaline replacements.
  • No camera/meter adjustment or adapters required.
  • Up to 10-year shelf life; the WeinCell is not activated until the pull-tab is removed (removing batteries from equipment and replacing tabs prolongs battery life).
  • Environmentally safe.
Condition details:
Graded: New
(New. With factory warranty. )

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Weight 23 g