Sinar Sinarback & Sinarcam 2 large Format Digital Camera. Graded: EXC+ [#10466]

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A very early digital camera outfit. I have been assured the complete and was fully working when last used. It has been carefully looked after in dry and heated storage.

We have more pictures but are limited to 12 on ebay. Please enquire if you want to see more.

The outfit seems to include everything you need. It seems to be a complete camera and will work with a Nikon lens. Many items are boxed and appear unsused.

We have not tested it and cannot guarantee you will be able to get it to operate. It looks as if it shoudl work, but you will need some expertise with older computers and software.

We will list the main components:
– user manual, dated 18/2/2000
– SCSI cables
– optical fibre data transfer cable
– Sinar 551.43.110 Flash Sync Cable for Sinarback
– 2x shutter sync adapters for Mamiya RZ67
– Sinar SinarCam Nikon F Automatic Lens board 556.63.021
– Sinar frame to connect bellows and a back
– As new Sinar 4×5 bellows
– MAGMA 01-4740-04 converts a PCI card to a SCSI interface. Includes a Sinar 551.436.070 Sinarback PCI Board
– MAGMA CB-HIF PCMCIA card. Converts a PCMCIA card to SCSI. It is used with the 01-4740-04 to connect the Sinar PCI to a laptop.
– spare Sinar 551.436.070 Sinarback PCI Board (connects the optical fibres to a computer’s PCI)
– Sinar 551.53.030 Revolving Adapter Kit
– Sinar 551.43.039 Hasselblad CW Adapter Kit
– Sinar digital back. Serial number 6168 23. CCD is approx 26 * 36mm
– A pair of Sinar standard frames
– Sinarcam2 with Sinar international back, viewing screen and fresnel
– Sinar 523.31.100 Power supply. Takes 100-240v
– Sinar Sinaron f4 105mm digital lens and lens board/plate
– Sinar Cyber viewing screen 552.21.100
– Sinar Cyber fitted case
– Sinar Cyber lead acid battery (not tested) with chagrer 523.11.05

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Looks to be a complete outfit. Not all parts will have made it onto the ebay photographs.
Cosmetic: Very light wear. Has been used, but very well looked after.
Optical: The optics are excellent – free from all scratches, debris and fungus.
Mechanical: Assumed to be fully working. We have examined everything and can see no faults.
Electrical: All electrical items and cables are in good condition.
Graded: Excellent Plus
(Signs of light use, but not misuse. )

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Weight 10000 g