Olympus OM-2 35 mm SLR Camera w/ 50mm f1.8 Lens. Graded: EXC- [#10538]




35 mm aperture priority SLR camera and lens. Can also be fully manual.
Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Lens cap.
Cosmetic: Moderate wear.
Optical: No major scratches or other marks. Some dirt on the inner edge of the viewfinder which appears as a dark patch on the lower edge of the viewfinder. The dirt seems to be on the eyepiece and not either on the prism, mirror or viewing screen.
Mechanical: Shutter speeds are all working. Aperture blades are fast and free from oil.
Electrical: No corrosion to the battery contacts. Meter is working and responds to light, though has not been calibrated.
Dust/Haze: A little internal dust and haze. This is typical and expected for a used lens of this age. Lens are not sealed units and will exchange are with the outside environment. Image will not be affected.
Graded: Excellent Minus
(Well used. Showing signs of heavy use. )

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Weight 698 g