MPP Mk VII Technical Camera. Broken. Spares or repair. Graded: AS-IS [#9371]




An MPP technical camera with an international back.

A largely complete camera with a few issues. Might be repairable, or might be suitable only for spares:
– the strandard does not mount onto the rails. It is very, very tight. Then gets jammed.
– the standard has come away from the bellows
– viewing hood does not spring up. One of the springs has broken.
– camera does not fold up.
– lens board retaining latch has been removed

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Most parts. Looks complete. Might be missing a minor part or screw.
Cosmetic: Light wear. Seems in good condition, apart from not working!
Mechanical: See comments above. Suitable for parts only.
Graded: As-Is
(Usable for parts only. No warranty. )

Additional information

Weight 2940 g