Hasselblad 1985 PME Meter Prism – LED Readout (42293). Condition – 4E [4650]


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Introduced in 1981, early version were called the ‘VFC-6’ but was subsequently renamed to the ‘PME’.

It has a centre weighted, battery powered silicon meter. The exposure is indicated by a red LED illumination within the viewfinder giving the EV reading.

Magnification is a generous 3x.

This prism was designed for use with a standard viewing screen. If used with a brighter Acute Matte screen then it should be adjusted by changing the film speed set.
Rubber eye cup. Not perished or sticky.
Condition details:
Cosmetic: Light surface wear to the exterior. Vinyl has shrunk slightly.
Optical: Viewfinder is clear and free of marks, debris and other imperfections.
Mechanical: Fully working.
Electrical: No corrosion to the battery contacts. Meter is working and tested.
Cosmetic Condition: 4
(Signs of light use, but not misuse. No other cosmetic damage.)
Functional Condition: E
(Everything functioning. Major functions have recently been professionally tested.)