Rare Linhof Technika-Flex TLR Hood and 4×5 Camera Outfit. Graded: EXC+ [#10136]




This rare and quirky Reflex hood and Super Technika camera converts a standard 4×5 Technika into a Twin Lens Reflex camera!

Made between 1961 and 1966, the hood is designed for Super Technika V and IV cameras.

Outfit includes:
– 60 42-51 mm lens shade
– 33/1 lens shade
– Optical multi-focus viewfinder
– Grip
– second lens pair: Schneider Symmar f5.6 150 mm & Anastigmat f4.5 150 mm lens pair

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Fitted wooden/leather effect case.
Cosmetic: In excellent condition. The camera shows very light signs of wear. The hood and other accessories show moderate signs of wear which are normal for there age. No dents or major scratches.
Optical: Bellows are light safe. Excellent, clear optics free from scratches. One or two very slight marks.
Mechanical: Rangefinder and movements are fully working. The camera and hood appear to be working but it has not been calibrated.
Dust/Haze: Free from haze and fungus. Lenses have a very slight amount of dust which will not affect the image.
Graded: Excellent Plus
(Signs of light use, but not misuse. )

Additional information

Weight 12700 g