Nikon 105mm 10.5cm f2.5 Nikkor-P Lens. Pre-AI NAI. Graded: BGN [#9390]





    A fast and popular telephoto lens.

    This is the first version of this lens:
    – maximum aperture of f22
    – wide silver filter ring
    – yellow coating to the front lens, purple to the rear
    – scalloped focusing ring

    Condition details:
    Included (might not be in photographs): Caps.
    Cosmetic: Heavy surface wear. Ding to front edge.
    Optical: Optics are average. Cleaning marks and light scratches.
    Mechanical: Focusing and aperture controls are stiff.
    Dust/Haze: Almost perfect. A tiny amount of internal dust/haze, which is visible when a bright light is hone through the lens. Image will not be affected.
    Graded: Bargain
    (Rough with cosmetic damage. Glass heavily marked or fungus. )

    Additional information

    Weight 370 g