Linhof Technika 23 6×9 & Symmar 105mm Lens & Back. Condition – 5E [3242]


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    Supplied with a lens and matching rangefinder cam. The cam on the base plate must be machined to match the lens for the rangefinder to ensure accuracy of the rangefinder. They both have the serial number 7417242.

    Contains everything you need. Just add a film and light meter, and you are away.

    Rear viewing screen, lens, rangefinder cam and frame for viewfinder. 6×7 (56x72mm) Roll film back with inserts for 120 and 220 film.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Moderate wear to the exterior. No dents, major scratches or other damage. Some pitting to the chrome.
    Optical: A little haze to the interior of the rear lens elements. Otherwise, excellent and free from scratches, debris and marks.
    Mechanical: Fully working. The cover for the viewfinder sometimes pops up.
    Cosmetic Condition: 5
    (Complete, but showing signs of normal use or age.)
    Functional Condition: E
    (Everything functioning. Major functions have recently been professionally tested.)