Hasselblad WLF Late Model. Broken pivot (42315). Condition – 8E [4692]


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    The ‘third style’ hood (42315 chrome, 42323 black) was introduced in 1984. These hoods were supplied with all the V-System bodies (500 series and 2000 series, except the 202FA, 203FA and 205TCC/FCC).

    The magnification of the viewing screen by the focusing hood magnifier with this model is 4.5x times, a significant improvement over ther older models 2.5x times. Further more, it opens and closed more easily than the previous version.

    It has a removable panel for the magnifier lens and can have eyepiece dioptre correction panels fitted.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Wear the the black matt coating.
    Optical: Viewfinder is clear and free of marks, debris and other imperfections.
    Mechanical: Broken. The pivot has broken and it has been replaced with a piece of wire, which has snapped. Secure and totally usable in the opened position, but does not collapse correctly. Likely could be fixed with a short wire rod of the right diameter
    Cosmetic Condition:

    Functional Condition: E
    (Everything functioning. Major functions have recently been professionally tested.)