Hasselblad Acute Matte Viewing Focusing Screen (42165). Condition – 5H [4554]


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    Bright focusing screen with fine set of cross hairs. Transmits twice as much light compared to other versions, giving you a brighter view finder and an easier to focus image. If you are using a meter with a built in meter, you will need to adjust it to take into account the brighter image.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Almost no wear to the exterior.
    Optical: Slight marks to the two of the corners which protrudes about 8mm into the screen. This is from where a previous owner has got the screen wet and liquid has ran into the screen between the frsenel and glass.
    Cosmetic Condition: 5
    (Complete, but showing signs of normal use or age.)
    Functional Condition: H
    (Usable but not fully. Shutter may stick on slow speeds. Meter may not work. Image will be impaired. )