Graflex Speed Graphic 6×9 Camera and Tessar Lens. Condition – 7F [5046]


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    A small 6×9 Speed Graphic camera.

    Supplied with a Carl Zeiss Jena f4.5 11.5cm lens and shutter.
    Some paperwork, film holders, screen, viewing hood and lens.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: The vinyl cover has fallen away at the front. Could benefit from a good clean.
    Optical: The optics are very good. There are very minor cleaning marks or scratches. No debris or fungus.
    Mechanical: Lens shutter is fully working and accurate. Shutter in lens is working, but not tested for accuracy.
    Cosmetic Condition: 7

    (Restorable. Minor parts missing and refinishing necessary. )

    Functional Condition: F
    (Everything functioning. Major functions function, though have not been adjusted for accuracy. Image maybe impaired. )