Dawe Instruments Camera Type 1714 w/ Lens & Flash . Condition – 6J [4137]


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    A stunning camera kit. We have never seen another camera similar!

    This camera is serial number 11 (eleven). It is supplied with:
    – two lens boards, both with the electrical flash contacts
    – instruction manual, which has real photographs in it
    – Angulon f6.8 90mm lens. This is likely an original issue lens as the camera was originally sold with a Angulon lens, as described in the manual.
    – flash unit which fits to the camera body, and a single unused bulb

    Note: there is no viewing screen or rear hood supplied.

    The Angulon lens can be removed for a price reduction of £150. We will not sell the lens without the camera. The lens board will still be supplied. A single glass plate film holder is included.
    Condition details:
    Cosmetic: Moderate external wear. Wear to black, vinyl is peeling in places,
    Optical: Angulon lens is very good. Free of all marks.
    Mechanical: Rangefinder does not operate. Focal plane shutter is damaged and will not open. Flash is untested, so please assume it does not work.
    Light seals: Bellows are light tight.
    Cosmetic Condition: 6
    (Well used. Showing signs of heavy use.)
    Functional Condition: J
    (Not usable without repair or cleaning. Shutter, meter, film advance may be stuck, jammed or broken.)