Schneider Componon Enlarger 80mm f5.6 Lens Retaining Ring. Graded: NEW [#10056]




Enlarger lens suitable for use with 6×6 negatives and less.

25mm thread. Can be mounted onto any board with the correct sized hole.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Supplied with a rear retaining ring on its 25mm thread. Two lens caps.
Cosmetic: Moderate wear to the exterior. No dents, major scratches or other damage.
Optical: A small amount of fungus inside the lens.
Mechanical: Working – aperture blades are smooth.
Dust/Haze: A little internal dust and haze which is visible in certain light.
Graded: New
(New. With factory warranty. )

Additional information

Weight 110 g