Linhof Carl Zeiss Tessar 150mm f4.5 Lens. Very rare. Graded: EXC [#5076]

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This is an exceptionally rare lens. It was made at the Oberkochen plant in West Germany during a very short period in 1958. Less than 1,000 were made. Linhof/Zeiss increased the price up on this Tessar when the Biogon/Planar/Sonnar were introduced along with it. Literature claims the new and improved Tessar incorporates Schott glass and a recomputed formula. Image circle is 165mm and uses a 49mm screw-in filter. Linhof Shutter is from a Symmar lens (made for Linnof) with a dual aperture scale of f45 to f5.6, whereas the lens elements require that a fully open shutter is a f4.5. Original shutter which is missing its internal mechanism is also supplied.
Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Supplied with a rear retaining ring.
Cosmetic: Light wear.
Optical: The optics are very good. There are very minor cleaning marks or scratches. No debris or fungus. Slight delamination to the edge of the rear elements (3mm fron the outside edges).
Graded: Excellent
(Signs of normal use consistent with age. )

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