Linhof 70 Camera Body w/ Rangefinder and Light Meter. 6×9. Graded: EXC [#9643]

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An unusual and impressive Linhof Technika camera. This is a standard Super Technika with a large viewfinder and exposure meter build into the upper part of the camera.

Takes standard Linhof Technika lens boards (we stock these) and standard 6×9 roll film backs.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Rangefinder cam with markings for a 100mm, 65m and 180mm lenses. Original instruction leaflet, which is in very nice condition. Linhof instructions are rare and often very damaged. Rear viewing screen and hood.
Cosmetic: Lightly worn. Clean and has been well looked after during its life.
Optical: Viewfinder is clean and free of marks and debris. Bellos are light tight and have no pinholes.
Mechanical: Fully working. All movements are smooth and are as they should be. Rangefinder is accurate, based on the distance scale on the rear of the camera.
Electrical: Light meter responds to light. We have not calibrated it, but it appears to be accurate.
Graded: Excellent
(Signs of normal use consistent with age. )

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