Hasselblad Distagon CF 60mm f3.5 Lens Black (20207). Graded: LN- [#9574]



The Distagon CF 60mm 3.5 is an extremely sharp and well corrected lens and optically one of the most correct to be made by Zeiss. A testament to the design is that every 60mm f3.5 lens has the exact same optical construction, which includes the first C version made in 1976 to the latest CFi versions made as late as 2001.

Many Hasselblad owners prefer the moderate wide angle of the 60mm over the 80mm lens, so use it as their standard lens. It is comparable to a 38mm lens on a full frame 35mm camera, when comparable the frame’s horizontal view.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Front and rear lens cap.
Cosmetic: Almost unmarked, with minor signs of wear including a small scratch on the front barrel.
Optical: Excellent, free from marks and scratches.
Mechanical: Fully working at all speeds. Shutter and aperture blades are fast and free from oil.
Dust/Haze: Free from haze and fungus. A tiny amount of dust inside the lens.
Graded: Like New Minus
(Close inspection reveals slight signs of wear. )

Additional information

Weight 700 g