Bertram BCI Press Outfit. Graded: EXC- [#9315]




An honest and complete outfit. Well used and might benefit from a little tidying. But, complete and working. Just add a film and light meter!

The camera is a little grubby and has some light corrosion. The lenses are free of scratches and fungus, though both have a little haze. Shutter and rangefinder work, though the rangefinder is very dark.

Supplied with two lenses: 105mm f3.5 Xenar; and 65mm f6.8 Angulon.

Condition details:
Included (might not be in photographs): Viewing screen and hood, two Rada backs, Xenar and Angulon lens, instruction booklet and sales sheets.
Cosmetic: Well used. A little grubby and slight corrosion.
Optical: Lenses are clear from scratches and fungus. Bellows light tight and no signs of wear. Viewfinder is a little hazy.
Mechanical: Shutter works at all speeds. Rangefinder is working, though dark. This might be due to is tiny size, but would benefit from a clean. The Rada backs are missing the small flap to cover the window. Rada backs are easy to find for around £40 and not specific to this camera.
Dust/Haze: Some internal haze. usable, but would benefit from an internal clean.
Graded: Excellent Minus
(Well used. Showing signs of heavy use. )

Additional information

Weight 3020 g