C Lenses

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  • Hasselblad Distagon 50mm C lens in Chrome (20044). Condition – 6E [7797]

    The Distagon 50mm was introduced 1964 to provide a lens with a wider field of view than the Distagon 60mm. The T* multi-coating was added around 1972 and offers a significant improvement, in particular, for backlit subjects. In 1973 the lens became available in black. There are a number of silver T* lenses, though these are rare and not often seen. The Distagon 50mm was discontinued in 1982 with the introduction of CF lenses.

    The lens takes series 63 drop in filters which are held in place by a Series 8 retaining ring (50350), or the lens shade (40274), or ProShade adapter ring (40339). Like all lenses that take a Series 8 filter, conventional 67mm filters will not fit due to the different thread pitch.

  • Hasselblad VERY RARE 1992 C 150mm Sonnar Lens (20060). Condition – 5E [4840]

    This lens is VERY, VERY rare. It is serial number 7259351, which was made in 1992. There were seven small batches of these lenses made between 1986 and 1995, when the C lens had been replaced by the more modern CF lens.


    High quality, dependable portrait lens. The lens has 5 elements and was one of the original four lenses for the Hasselblad 500C.