Lens Hood/Shade

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  • Hasselblad B50 Lens Shade/Hood for 80mm C Planar (40118). Graded: EXC- [#8330]

    The 80mm shade was, in its first version, made of black anodized aluminium and made available about 1961. The earliest and rare version of shade has a ‘wrinkle’ finish paint rather than the smooth black paint. A plastic version replaced the metal one in 1974 and used the same code number but is is slightly larger in diameter than the metal one.

  • Hasselblad Proshade 6093T and B60 Adapter (40739). Condition – 3E [7460]

    This is the fourth generation of the Proshade, first made in 1994. It is a minor improvement over the previous 6093 Proshade. The improvement being that Hasselblad changed the material the bellows are made with. Now using softer and more flexible material, the bellows are easier to handle and no longer have the tendancy to retract during use. It can be used on all lenses, except the 30mm and 300mm f2.8. Adapters are required to mount the lens shade to the lens’s bayonet mount, different adapters being available for different size lenses. There are slots for 75mm and 100mm filters. The shade folds open to allow access to glass filters mounted on the lens.

  • Hasselblad ProShade Adapter 6093 6093t 60mm B60 (40744). Graded: EXC+ [#7048]

    It is used for fitting a 6093 or 6093T shade to a lens with a 60mmm bayonet fitting. Such as the standard 80mm lens.

  • Hasselblad Professional Lens Shade B60 Adapter (40738). Graded: EXC [#5921]

    Lens shade that is suitable for a vast range of Hasselblad lenses when you have the appropriate adapter: from a 38mm SWC to the 250mm Sonar.Second generation version of this product. Improvements were made to the way it collapses for easier storage.The shade takes different adapter rings to allow mounting to different lenses. Adapters for lenses that take B50, B60, B70 and 63mm filters are available. These adapter rings include a slot to allow the use of a 75mm gelatin or polyester filter.

  • Hasselblad Shade and UV Filter 50mm f2.8 lens (40706). Graded: AS-IS [#4354]

    A shade with built in filter holder for the 50mm f2.8 F FE lenses.

    This shade has got a filter stuck in it, which cannot be removed.