Flash Units

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  • Hasselblad 4504 Flash. Incomplete (Metz 45CT4) (55034). Condition – 8J [8238]

    This is a Hasselblad product that is based on a ‘Metz 45CT4’.

    It provides the full TTL/OTF (through the lens, off the film) exposure when used in conjunction with a Hasselblad body that includes a flash sensor (such as a 503CX, 50cCXi, 503CW, 500ELX, 553ELX, 555ELD and the entire 200 series ). The flash includes all the electronics necessary, so no SCA390 adapter is needed.

    With all other cameras it can be used in the manual and automatic modes, using the sensors within the flash.

    Can operate from either six AA batteries, or use a NiCad battery pack.