Adapter/Retaining Rings

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  • Hasselblad Filter Step-Up Ring 50-63 B50->63mm (40053). Condition – 5E [2187]

    This adapter ring is used for fitting 63mm filters on lenses with a B50 accessory mount. Early versions are chrome, later versions are black.

    Very useful. Allows you to have a single set of filters. The 63mm filters can be used on a Distagon 50mm, plus then reused on the 80mm Planar and 150mm Sonnar lenses.

    The retaining ring can be removed and used to secure filters into a 50mm Distagon lens. As these often are missing from lenses, this is a useful thing to have.

    Especially useful when you consider that 63mm filters are easier to obtain and less expensive than the smaller B50 ones!