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  • Hasselblad 1967 500C Matched Camera w/ 80mm Lens (10022). Condition – 4E [6885]

    In excellent condition with signs light and very careful of use. Light seal is in good condition and light tight. An original matching outfit sold in 1967. It is rare to see a complete outfit that is still together. The camera and back are both dated 1966/7 (serial number and TR* TU*), and the lens is dated 1967 (serial number 4591307). Hasselblad 500C bodies and 500C/M was made by Hasselblad between 1957 and 1994. The basic design is the same for all cameras made over that period, though there were many minor variations and changes. The only difference between the 500C and the 500C/M is that the C/M has an interchangeable focusing screen, whereas the 500C is fixed.

  • Hasselblad 500C Pristine 1957 Model. Condition – 4E [6495]

    This camera is from the very earliest years of manufacture of the 500C. Exceptionally rare to find in such complete and unused condition. Has been very little used. Supplied with the correct waist level finder and lens cap. The lens has a early 6 element construction. Almost all Planar lens are of the later 7 element design. It has:- back CU37156, made in 1957- body CR32893, made in 1958- lens 1597383, made in 1956 (within the first batch of 6000 lenses)

  • Hasselblad 2000FC Camera Outfit w/ 80mm Planar (10308). Condition – 4E [5557]

    A stunning and original camera outfit.

    The original receipt, with serial numbers, from 1982 is enclosed. The original owner paid £1,198 for it in 1982, and that is a lot of money back then.

    Very lightly and carefully used. Could easily have had only a dozen films through it in its life.